Please I need help I am stuck on this !!

Accepted Solution

Let's first find the slopeTo find the slope you can use any two points in the table. The following are the two I picked:(-3, 18) and (0, 12)The formula for slope is[tex]\frac{y_{2}-y_{1}}{x_{2}-x_{1}}[/tex]In this case...[tex]y_{2} =12\\y_{1} =18\\x_{2} =0\\x_{1} =-3[/tex]^^^Plug these numbers into the formula for slope...[tex]\frac{12 - 18}{0 - (-3)}[/tex][tex]\frac{-6}{3}[/tex]Simplify to...-2^^^This is your slopeY-intercept is where the graph intersect with the y axis, which makes the x value 0. This means that the coordinate should look like so...(0, y)In this case the y-intercept is:(0, 12)Your answer is B!Hope this helped!~Just a girl in love with Shawn Mendes