It takes a passenger train 5 hr less time than it takes a freight train to make the trip from Picture Rock to RockvilleThe passenger train averages 78 km/h, while the freight train averages 52 km/h. Find the distance fromPicture Rock toRockville

Accepted Solution

Answer:780 kmStep-by-step explanation:Let the distance from Picture Rock to Rockville is d km. Now, the time taken by the passenger train with speed 78 km/hr to cover this distance will be [tex]\frac{d}{78}[/tex] hours. Again the time taken by the freight train with speed 52 km/hr to cover the distance will be [tex]\frac{d}{52}[/tex] hours. Now, by the condition given we can write [tex]\frac{d}{52} - \frac{d}{78} = 5[/tex] β‡’ [tex]d(\frac{78-52}{78 \times 52} )=5[/tex] β‡’ d = 780 km. (Answer)