Biologists estimate that the number of animal species of a certain body length is inversely proportional to the square of the body length.1 Write a formula for the number of animal species, N, of a certain body length as a function of the length, L. Use k as the constant of proportionality.

Accepted Solution

Answer:[tex]N(L)=\frac{k}{L^2}[/tex]Step-by-step explanation:Here, N represents the number of animal species and L represents a certain body length,According to the question,[tex]N\propto \frac{1}{L^2}[/tex][tex]\implies N=\frac{k}{L^2}[/tex]Where, k is the constant of proportionality,Since, with increasing the value of L the value of N is decreasing,So, we can say that, N is dependent on L, or we can write N(L) in the place of N,Hence, the required function formula is,[tex]N(L)=\frac{k}{L^2}[/tex]